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Sectional Dismantling Trees

Sectional Dismantling

the felling of a tree by amputating each individual branch and limb and lowering by rope to ground when it is not possible to clear fell because of confined location / proximity of tree to other structures  (conservatory / garden fences /other trees etc;).



Is the removal of all minor branches back to the main limbs  to reduce the expanse of the tree as part of a management plan that often involves repeated or 'repollarding' for aesthetic reasons as in the Willow or as a way of retaining over grown specimens or structurally weakened trees.

crown lifting

Crown Lifting

the removal of the lower branches from the trunk of the tree for variety of reasons; reduce risk of personal injury from low hanging branches / avoid damage to other structures from low hanging branches (conservatory / street furniture).

stump grinding

Stump Grinding

Is the mechanical chipping of the stump after felling by our pedestrian controlled self propelled machine . This can prevent trip hazard after felling the tree and facilitate landscaping or replanting.

crown reduction

Crown Reduction

When a tree has out grown its available space (due to post planting building development  or inappropriate species planting) then one option would be to reduce the size of the crown to allow the tree to remain rather than felling it. This entails reduction in the length of most limbs / branches and may be accompanied by crown thinning.

waste handling


Brash and branches up to 6 inches (150mm) in diameter are chipped on site by our specialist machine (Greenmech 160 Quadchip), and removed along with larger timber for recycling.